O3. MGP-101, 1L

MGP-101, 1L


Magnetic stirrers are preferred over gear-driven motorized stirrers for they are quieter, more efficient, and have no moving external parts to break or wear out (except the simple bar magnet itself).

The stir bars work well in glass vessels commonly used for chemical reactions, as glass does not appreciably affect a magnetic field.


High Stability for Stirring



ITEM 050620-101
Volume for Stirring Max. 1L (Glass Beaker)
Revolution Speed 150~1500rpm
Diameter of Stirring Plate Φ105㎜
Stirring Bar PTFE, Φ8*30㎜ (1 set inside)
Motor Shaded Pole Motor, 1.8W
Speed Control Electronic Control System
Magnetic Cobalt
Power Supply AC100/110V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Dimension 135(W)*180(D)*66(H)㎜
Weight Approx. 0.7㎏

※ The voltage could be modified according to user’s request.