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Who We Are

Interss was established in 1973 with the investment of the parent company Sibata Scientific Technology for the purpose of producing volumetric glassware (glass measuring instruments).  With 50 years of history and experience, we now produce not only volumetric glassware but also processed glass products for customers around the world.  We have accumulated know-how on production equipment and manufacturing technology, and now we are also doing OEM production for various companies.

Many glass products are required for analysis and pre-treatment in the experimental industry, and their needs are subdivided.  We know the purpose of the desired glass product for our customers, and we are always thinking what kind of equipment is needed to shape it, and what kind of tool can be used to make it.  Every day we challenge ourselves to achieve our purpose.

In addition, glass material is a material that can be recycled and is kind to the global environment.  We believe that there will be more opportunities to manufacture and provide products made of glass materials.  We will continue to take on the challenge as a manufacturer that can meet the needs of our customers by further updating our equipment and skills.

President & COO

Kyoji Toi

What We Do

Laboratory Glassware
General Scientific Instrument
Customization Service

Where We Are


September 1973

The parent company, Sibata Scientific Technology Co., Ltd., established subsidiary, Interss Taiwan Ltd., in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and started to manufacture glass volumetric products locally.

April 1996

Became a JIS mark licensed factory (JIS R3505).

December 2007

Renew new JIS certification (JIS R3505).

August 2012

Registration of ISO9001 international quality standard certification

August 2015

Obtained ownership of 991.73 m2 underground warehouse

January 2016

The 95th anniversary of Sibata Scientific Technology, all employees travelled to Taiwan for 3 nights and 4 days to visit INTERSS TAIWAN LTD.

November 2017

Obtained ownership of adjacent land for the purpose of expanding the factory area

February 2020

Started working on SDGs

April 2022

Started strengthening promotion of digitalization (paperless)